PercRite® Micromound Installation Photos: Step by Step

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Step 1: SEO to perform soil moisture test. Once dry enough, establish area and scarify (on contour) to a depth of 6-8″.

Step 2: On contour sand placement. See design for depth of sand.

Step 3: Tubing placement. 6”-9” on center. Refer to your design for length and spacing specifications.

Step 4: Secure tubing in place with landscaping staples or pvc straps.

Step 5: Construct top feed (over 5% slope) or side feed manifolds (less than 5% slope).

Step 6: Construct loop ends and elevate with sand, bricks, or lumber.

Step 7: Place 2” of sand on top of all tubing.

Step 8: Place geo-textile material over all sand areas.

Step 9: Place 12” of top soil on top of the geo-textile. Seed and straw area upon completion.

Step 10: Complete the installation of all other system components including the Hydraulic Unit, Control Panel, and Pump Tank material.

Step 11: Provide adequate straw cover for added winter protection especially for late fall installations.

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