PercRite® In-Ground Drip Dispersal Installation: Step by Step

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Step 1: Contact your local SEO for soil the moisture check. Tubing can only be installed in dry soil conditions. Note: tanks may be installed prior to the drip system installation. Step 2: Rent the proper machine for tubing installation. A vibratory plow is required for in ground installations; no cable pullers. Step 3: Using an elevation control method, layout …

PercRite® Micromound Installation Photos: Step by Step

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Step 1: SEO to perform soil moisture test. Once dry enough, establish area and scarify (on contour) to a depth of 6-8″. Step 2: On contour sand placement. See design for depth of sand. Step 3: Tubing placement. 6”-9” on center. Refer to your design for length and spacing specifications. Step 4: Secure tubing in place with landscaping staples or …

Drip Installation: Hydraulic Units and Control Panels

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Commercial Job ASD25 Panel Commercial Job ASD25 Hydraulic Unit ASD15 residential hydraulic unit on bed of gravel with unions ASD15 residential hydraulic unit mounted on pump tank ASD15 Hydraulic Unit With Labeling Residential panel installation panel testing at start up Control Panel mounted beside tank hydraulic unit drain to daylight house mounted control panel b house mounted control panel a ...

Drip Installation: Layout and Tubing Installation

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Laser Lever is used to shoot in countour lines Pin Flags are used to Layout Controur Lines Contour lines are Spray Painted so that the machince can follow them Spray Painted lines on a Commercial system DW410 Vibratory plow used to install the tubing The tubing inserted into plow blade. A cable puller may not be used. DW410, Case Maxi ...

Drip Installation: Manifolds and Loop Ends

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top feed manifolds supply and return manifold for one zone used when slopes are greater than 5 top feed manifolds air release valve can go on either side of the manifold surface installation with remote zone valves 3 one manifold construction on a bend commerical system completed piping commerical system manifold construction elevated loop ends

Drip Installation: Remote Zone Valve Installation

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RZV install step 1 build manifold RZV install step 2 lay manifold on shelf RZV install step 3 connect to drip tubing RZV install step 4 dig shelf and add stone RZV install step 5 measure for valve piping RZV install step 8 place protetive box residential installation RZV Install step 9 completed commercial installation

Lake County Perc-Rite Installation Video

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Local Codes may call for additional inspections and slightly different equipment requirements. The following video provides an overview of the installation and operations of an American Manufacturing Perc-Rite® system in Lake County, Ohio.